I found the best Dentist when I found Dr. Rizzo he and his staff are amazing and friendly.

– Anonymous

Incredible dentist office. I went for an exam and to fill cavities my past 2 visits and this has so far been extraordinary experience. Im not a fan of the dentist in anyway but they take their time here when taking care of you. Overall friendly staff who are there to help you.

– Anonymous

If anyone fears having all their teeth extracted they haven’t met Dr. Rizzo. He is the greatest. I now have a complete set of implants and a new lease on life. I haven’t smiled this much in years. I live an hour away and gladly make the trip for this excellent dentist. He gets ten stars out of five. Thanks Dr. Rizzo. I just had my first ear of corn in over two years. Yum yum.

– Lillian R.

I have never had a great feeling about dentists and their offices until I was referred to your office by my Mom. It has been a great experience to see Dr. Rizzo and his staff as they work together to provide me the best care with their great knowledge, skill, thoughtfulness, caring, and making me feel better each time I visit. I must admit that Dr. Rizzo is the best and Nuria is my favorite dental hygienist. My gums have never been better with her tender and loving care. Have a great day!

– Kathleen D.

I’m so happy I have Dr. Rizzo! He is so nice! 🙂

– Kira F.

Dr. Rizzo is a wonderful dentist. I have been his patient for 17 years. He is kind and gentle and a wonderful human being. God Bless him!

– Mary R.

Dr. Rizzo is THE BEST DENTIST in the whole wide world. I travel an hour one way to see him and I also bring my children and husband. 🙂

– Barbara D.

Dr. Rizzo has been taking care of me and my family for many years. He is very gentle and kind.


What can I say, Dr. Rizzo is a kind, patient, and detailed dentist. He makes any patient feel at ease. When he is finished with me I will have back my million dollar smiles 🙂 !! Thanks Dr. Rizzo!

– Kim D.

Best dentist ever…I drive 40 minutes away from my home to Carlstadt because it is definitely worth it..I wont change him for any dentist in the world, very professional and down to earth and the people that work there are AWESOME and very welcoming!

– Angela M.