Teeth Whitening Bergen County

Teeth Whitening Bergen County

teeth whitening bergen countyWhen patients are in need of restoring a vibrant, great-looking smile, one of the procedures they turn to is teeth whitening. This is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, leaving behind immediate results while being painless.

Many practices have special activating lights and lasers to help improve the shade of teeth. At Dr. Rizzo’s practice, we use the revolutionary Kor Whitening system to create exceptional aesthetic results. This method can be applied without causing increased tooth sensitivity and can treat the most complex cases.

Kor Whitening is delivered at home and can whiten your teeth while you sleep. The tray is customized and allows the gel to remain in place and deliver optimal results. The gel doesn’t increase tooth sensitivity due to the absence of irritating chemicals. The product is also refrigerated constantly before use, allowing it to be used for treatment at prime potency.

Kor whitening is among the most effective forms of teeth whitening treatment available. It also has the ability to alter the shade of tetracycline stains.

Dr. Rizzo specializes in teeth whitening and helps patients from East Rutherford, Moonachie, Carlstadt, and all corners of Bergen County. For additional information, you can schedule an appointment at our office today.