Dental Implants Bergen County

Dental Implants Bergen County

Dental ImplantsWhen a tooth becomes lost, many functions of your teeth are impaired. Dental implants are an alternative solution to dentures or bridges to recover a fully functional smile. They provide results in both aesthetics and health. They also provide the foundation for fixed and removable missing teeth replacement appliances.

There are multiple benefits of dental implants, they exhibit the natural structure and appearance of a tooth. They replace the missing root, which reduces the speed or bone resorption and ensures stability to nearby teeth.

Dental implants are also applied to hold dentures, providing increased security. With no need for using pastes or adhesive material, you will be more comfortable eating, speaking, or smiling.

In some cases, dental bridges or fixed dentures may require the removal of surrounding healthy tooth structures. This can create additional difficulties when trying to retain natural teeth. Dentures do not prevent the gums and bones from deteriorating, which can be a negative influence on your overall oral health.

The durability of dental implants has made them an effective treatment for patients. They have a reputation for reliability and longevity. They can last for a lifetime with the best care and conditions. Patients around Bergen County seeking dental implants are helped by Dr. Rizzo and his staff. To learn more about this procedure or to schedule an appointment, call our office today.